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The Difference Between High Pressure Dry Powder Ball Press Machine And Ordinary Ball Press Machine.

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2018 / 01 / 16

         Compared with the ordinary ball press machine, the high pressure dry powder ball press machine has the following characteristics:

         1) High pressure dry powder ball press machine need molding material is fine degree, can not add water, must be dry pressure;

         2) The high pressure dry powder ball press machine has the characteristics of high power and low speed, and the average speed of dry powder ball press is not higher than 10 rpm. The same output requires  much more power, usually 5 times more than that of briquette ball pressing.

        3) High pressure dry powder ball press machine hydraulic top tight, dry powder press ball machine because of the huge load bearing, ordinary mechanical top tightening roller can no longer meet the needs, so all need to be equipped with hydraulic top tightening device, automatic pressure compensation according to need.

        4) Processing leather roller, the ball pressure, special materials, core components and leather which requires high pressure pressing the ball machine not in the use of ordinary steel, but the use of forged alloy steel, Quenched and heat treatment, the hardness and the skin close to the hardness of bearing steel, in order to meet system requirements;


        In a word, the characteristics of the high pressure dry powder ball press machine in one sentence are that the power is large and the pressure is high.


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