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The Specific Operation of Briquetted Machine For Coal

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2018 / 01 / 11

The operation of  briquetted machine for coal  note: 
      1, Briquetted machine for coal ready to start work before and note 1) a comprehensive inspection of mechanical seal, and the attachment of briquetted machine for coal and pipeline installation is complete, compliance with technical requirements; 2) briquetted machine for coal seal before the start of the hydrostatic test, check the mechanical seal leaks. If the mechanical lathes are leaked more, we should find out the reasons and try to eliminate it. If it is still ineffective, it should be dismantled and reinstalled. The general static pressure test pressure with 2~3 kg / cm2; 3) according to the pump rotate to turning check whether a uniform. Such as turning demanding or not move, it should check whether the assembly size error installation is reasonable.

Briquetted machine for coal

      2, Briquetted machine for coal installation and outage 1) before the start of briquetted machine for coal should be kept sealed cavity filled with liquid. When the solidified medium is transported, the vapor is used to heat the sealing cavity to melt the medium. Before the start must be turning in order to prevent the sudden start caused by soft ring fragmentation; 2) for the use of pump oil sealing system of the mechanical seal, the sealing oil system should be the first to start. After stopping, the oil seal system is finally stopped. 3) after the shutdown of the hot oil pump, the cooling water of the sealing oil cavity and the face seal can not be stopped immediately. When the oil temperature of the face seal is below 80 degrees, the cooling water can be stopped, so as to avoid damaging the sealing parts.

     3, The running of  briquetted machine for coal 1) pump. If there is a slight leakage phenomenon, should be observed for a period of time. Such as 4 hours of continuous operation, the leakage is not reduced, it should stop the pump check; 2) the operation of the pump pressure should be smooth, the pressure fluctuation is not greater than 1 kg / cm2; 3) pump in operation, should avoid the evacuation phenomenon, so as to avoid sealing surface of dry friction and seal damage; 4) coal ball always check the seal machine. During operation, when the leakage exceeds the standard, the heavy oil is no more than 5 drops / min, and the light oil is no more than 10/ points. If there is no improvement trend within 2-3 days, the pump seal should be stopped to check the sealing device.


        The above is the briquetted machine for coal steps from Gongyi Lantian machinery factory provides you with the operation of briquette machine must be Caution!, if you want to know more information, please contact us, Gongyi Lantian machinery factory welcome you!

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